My Russian pages
 "12 3HAKOB". View them on your own RISC, FISC or any other computer.
 "What? Where? When?" in Israel. I have started this project which is now living its own life.
 "What? Where? When?" in Toronto.
 "Beskrylki" - wingless poetry. This project is meanwhile frozen and waiting for myself having time to revitalize it.
 "Grand Monsieur"  - my another "beskrylki" site.
 "Ryba! - Glushi!!!" - people's game. Rules and Strategy!
  Programming puzzles from my MADI archive (1979-90)
My companies:
Attunity (NASDAQ: ATTU) is a Haifa based international company where I spent 7 wonderful and most significant years of my professional career.
Rogers Cable (TSE: RCI.B) a largest Canadian Hi-Speed Internet service provider, I worked there for almost 5 years.
UltimateBet is where I'm working now.
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My Cities :
Russia: Moscow
Israel: Karmiel and Haifa
Canada: Vaughan and Richmond Hill (suburbs of Toronto)
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 Home (Map, Driving directions)
 My LiveJournal and LJ Friends
 Photo Album - under construction

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